Headlight Restoration

After awhile, headlights become yellowed, hazy, dull, foggy, oxidized and in need of headlight restoration. The polycarbonate lens surface becomes marred, blocking the light which can restrict your vision at night. Severely oxidized headlights can cut up to 80% of light! Not only a danger, they also make potentially nice looking cars look old and less valuable.

Headlight Lens Restoration

We can restore plastic lenses including headlights, tail lights, fog and directional lights to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost. Instead of buying new headlights, Our restoration treatment will bring the light back to your headlights, we’ll have them looking just like brand new, without the cost of buying new ones.

   Masking Certain Sensitive Areas as Necessary
   Multiple Grid Headlight Sanding Stages
   Compounding/Polishing/Finishing Stages
   Permanent Headlight Coating Application

Headlight Restoration Price start $80/Pair

Headlight Restoration

Hedlight Restoration (before)

Hedlight Restoration (after)