RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Forced Rotation Polisher For Faster Cutting Over Curved Surfaces

RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Forced Rotation Polisher

RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Forced Rotation Polisher

The RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille was designed with the aim of providing a forced rotation machine that offered faster-cutting capability than other gear driven models and also faster cutting than the BigFoot LHR 21 MK II or the BigFoot LHR 15 MK II. As a result, the Mille provides exceptional cutting power with minimal heat generation and very little steering, more in line with a standard DA. The RUPES-designed Mille’s electric motor allows it to operate with a clockwise rotation, reducing unwanted lateral movement and therefore reducing operator fatigue.

Features & Benefits:

Forced rotation delivers excellent cutting power with the safety of a DA polisher
Clockwise rotation reduces lateral movement
Electronic variable speed control dial with click sensation, ergonomically positioned
Progressive trigger allows throttling for additional control
Double rubber support keeps machine stable when resting on table or detailing trolley
Extra-long, heavy duty 9m power cord

Technical Specification:

Orbit: 5mm
LK 900E weight: 2.8kg
Power: 900 watts
Dual Speed Controls (trigger & speed dial)
OPM: 265 – 535 – 1700 rpm
9m power cord
Thread size: 3/16

Kamikaze Collection ISM PRO Hydrocarbon Coating


Revolutionary Performance, Professional-Only Nano Coating.

Using newly developed technologies Kamikaze ISM PRO combines high quality, German-sourced elements with Kamikaze Collections ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbon ingredients to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. The ingredients are optically clear, so the result is a stunning, superior shine.

Features & Benefits:

Highly hydrophobic – dirt, oils & grime are carried away
Produces an optically clear, candy-gloss shine
Durability of 2-3 years

Nanolex Si3D HD Coating Application

Nanolex Si3D HD Coating Application

Nanolex Si3D HD Coating Application

Nanolex Si3D HD Coating is Structured on the framework of the unique Nanolex Si3D Coating technology, the High Density version of Si3D displays a variety of additional benefits, equipping our customers with an unmatched, uncompromising product among professional detailers.

Still based on fluorine-free compounds and packed with an even higher solids content, the formulation has been further refined. The combination of the Nanolex hybrid 3D-matrix with a methyl methacrylate (MMA) / ethyl acrylate (EA) copolymer and a chemical curing/cross-linking agent strongly optimise the surface bonding, while providing outstanding toughness, flexibility and exterior durability and also imparting a brilliant, deep gloss.

Due to the highly upgraded density of the coating, excellent block resistance and hardness is achieved, resulting in an increased resistance to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, as well as corrosion. The incorporated UV-blocking/absorbing system ensures protection from environmental impacts and UV-induced degradation, completing the protective capacity of the coating.

Hardness and Flexibility of Nanolex Si3D HD Coating

Nanolex Si3D HD’s performance and durability, as well as its easy and effective application, was achieved by finding and elaborating a perfect balance of many different elements, including the best suitable raw materials and their perfect blending ratio, the mixture of the hardness and flexibility of the coating, layer thickness and surface smoothness, the ideal water contact angle, and many others.

Nanolex Si3D HD was designed, and is available, for professional customers looking for a higher grade Nanolex Si3D coating with an even higher durability, performance and hardness.

Nanolex Si3D HD Installation cost from $850 CAD