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Monday - Sunday: By Appointment

Monday - Sunday: By Appointment

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1100 Finch Ave W #11b

1100 Finch Ave W #11b, Toronto, Ontario M3J 2E2


Auto Detailing Review GoogleAuto Detailing & Ceramic Coating by RS AUTO SPA, is Toronto's Best 5-Star Car Detailing Company. The professional auto detailing services we provide are based on your automotive needs and preference. We run a First Class auto detailing studio to achieve quality detailing work for clients demanding perfection, appreciation and respect for their vehicle.

We offer professional interior, exterior car cleaning and detailing service in Toronto, leather cleaning, car wash, interior steam cleaning, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, we specialize in some of the finest cars in the world and treat each vehicle with care and attention.

Professional car detailing on all makes and models of sports, prestige and luxury cars including Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Ford, Lexus, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Tesla, Corvette, Nissan GT-R and more.

Auto Detailing Specialty Services

Hot Water Extraction Upholstery Cleaning
Full Car Interior Steam Cleaning
Flat, Matte, Satin Paint Finish Care
Car Wax, Sealant, Ceramic Car Coating
Overspray, Tree Sap Removal
Scratch, Paint Swirl Repair
Paint Correction and Protection
Ceramic Paint Coatings: Nanolex, Kamikaze, Gyeon
Paint Protection Film PPF self-healing

Clay Bar Treatment Contamination Removal
Interior Leather Cleaning
Wheel, Tire Cleaning
Wheel Protection Coating
Engine Detailing
Headlight Restoration
Convertible Top Cleaning and Protection
Windshield Glass Coating
Car Debadging

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About Us

about-us-rs-auto-spaAt RS Auto Spa, we reverse and prevent the signs of aging with the procedures and techniques used by automotive appearance professionals. We only use reputable and trusted brands in car care industry such as best car waxes from Swissvax, Dodo Juice as well as the strongest paint protection coatings from Kamikaze, Nanolex and Gyeon. Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art tools with precision and techniques as we aim to bring out the purest gloss and reflection to your cars finish.

Experience the spectacular results of RS Auto Spa car detailing services and you will understand why we are the leading auto detailing company in Toronto. Our detailing services are available around the clock as we work around your schedule. If you have any questions about your vehicle feel free to contact us via telephone or use our contact form.

Featured Products

Nanolex Si3D HD Coating

Nanolex Si3D HD molecules precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials consist of silica, nitrogen, hydrogen and organic compounds such as carbon. Nanolex Si3D HD Coating exhibits outstanding durability and a tough insensitivity to abrasion from frequent washing and the use of strong alkaline or acidic detergents.

CarPro Iron-X

IRON-X is advanced pH-balanced (pH-7) formula safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination caused by automotive brakes, rail travel, and construction from delicate vehicle surfaces.

Kamikaze Over Coat Protective Coating

Kamikaze Over Coat designed to be easily applied over the durable base layer of glass, ceramic, or polymer coatings. Over Coat will take the abuse of the elements, while protecting the under layer. It has some of the most insane hydrophobic water beading properties available with durability 3-6 months.

Kamikaze Collection
Rupes Polishing

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