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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating or Ceramic Paint Coating are the new innovation in car care paint protection. Traditional waxes and sealants have a durability of a 3-6 months and require constant maintenance to prevent oxidation, clear coat failure, bug splatters, tree sap etchings, scratches and swirls. Ceramic Coating are made of advanced silicon carbide ceramic polymer system that forms a layer of clear coat over existing automotive finish it's vastly thicker than sealants and waxes while at the same time enhancing the gloss and protecting against all environmental contaminants. Maintenance becomes a breeze since washing the car is all that is needed!

Ceramic Coating Protection

Ceramic Coating is a special nanotechnology product with a long term effect on painted surfaces, plastic trims, glass and wheels it offers the highest gloss the richest finish, the greatest scratch resistance and the most protection.

Ceramic Car Coating Application & Installation

RS Auto Spa offers pick-up and delivery services for paint protection ceramic coating installation from Nanolex Si3D HD, Kamikaze, Gyeon Q2 within the Greater Toronto area. We know how busy life can be so we make it easy to get your vehicle cleaned, detailed and coated by not only offering 24-hour auto detailing service in GTA, but also hassle-free pick up and delivery.

We are serving the entire Greater Toronto area including these cities in premium professional Ceramic Coating installation: Downtown, Toronto, North York, Willowdale, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Woodbridge.

Ceramic Coating Application Pricing:

Authorized Nanolex Si3D HD (High durability with deep gloss) 850

Nanolex Si3D HD designed for customers looking for a higher grade Nanolex Si3D coating with an even higher Durability, Gloss and Hardness. (One layer Application) Second Layer Add $300

Authorized Kamikaze Miyabi Coat + Over Coat Sacrificial Layer 850

Application includes: Full Car Wash, Iron-X Decontamination, Clay, Minor Paint Correction, Polish, IPA wipe down. Kamikaze Miyabi Coat + Over Coat second layer.

Authorized Kamikaze ISM Coat Hydrocarbon Flexible Coating + Over Coat 850

Application includes: Full Car Wash, Iron-X Decontamination, Clay, Minor Paint Correction, Polish, IPA wipe down. Kamikaze ISM Coat Hydrocarbon Flexible Coating + Over Coat second layer.

Windshield Glass Coating Application $40

Application includes: Glass Cleaning, Glass Decontamination, Glass Polishing (if needed), Preparation, and Application. The treatment will last up to 1-year. It's state-of-the-art technology maintains a strong coating on glass windscreen, which resists friction and abrasion by wipers, dust, car-wash or harsh cleansers, rain repellent from 45kmh drive speed!

Rim Wheel Coating Application $50

All wheels are removed from the vehicle, thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, and then coated with Gyeon Q2 Rim. Our protective product is resistant not only to high temperatures, but also to aggressive dust from brake pads.

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