Matte Paint Coating

We are highly skilled when it comes to Matte Paint Coating application and protecting cars with matte paints and matte surfaces in the Greater Toronto area. The Matte coatings are designed to form an extremely long lasting chemical bond with the Matte surface, offering a molecular protection without any enhanced gloss or shine. Matte Paint Coating Services can be used on all matte paints, vinyls and surfaces keeping them cleaner for longer and making washing easier.

Matte Paint Cleanser

You can’t put detailing clay on a matte car, but the surface still needs to be prepped before applying a protectant coating. Matte Paint Cleanser removes microscopic particles that hinder proper sealing, as well as stubborn debris left behind after washing.

Durability & Protection

Matte coating offers strong durable protection over delicate matte surfaces, leaving behind a natural flat sheen, with a durability of approximately 8-12month of protection for Matte Clear Coated Cars, and Vinyl Wrap matte finishes.

Liquid formula will not fill in matte paint
Lasts hundreds of washes. No need to apply often
Leaves behind a uniform, flat sheen
Perfect for Single Stage, Clear Coated, and Vinyl Wrap matte finishes

Matte Coating Application Pricing:

RS Auto Spa Matte Paint Cleanser + Matte Paint Coating Application $550

Matte Paint prep and protection is the industry's first and only complete coating specifically designed for matte cars. This will leave your matte car clean, protected and looking great between washes!

Matte Paint Coating